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Carl Warner
Richard and Judy's programme

Niveau A2

Richard and Judy’s programme Hi ! Welcome back. Now at the start of the show, you saw this lovely seascapes. See it’s rosy with the glow of the setting sun. A small green boat floats peacefully on the calm surface and the fronds of tropical foliage bow gracefully over the seaweed strewn rocks. And here is the artist who is responsible for that delightful picture, called Carl Warner. Carl, how do you actually do them? Well they are all built in my studio so I have a sort of team of people who kind of work on sort of bringing them to life. Let’s start with that first one. It’s actually, the sea is smoked salmon. It is smoked salmon, yes. I mean, I make them very much; I start from a drawing and I put together sort of an idea on paper so that we’ve got our model makers and food stylists who put this together Evrything in the picture is food even the sky. A lot of people don’t realize that the sky is actually the side of a peace of salmon because it has actually been lit with a warm light so you can just see the dark sort of lines which are dark red which are where the fin is. And a lovely, lovely little boat, the little green boat. A pea-green boat, yes Well; It’s a pea pod A pea pod, yes. Ah it’s a pea-pod right there. The rocks in the foreground are, they are potatoes, yeah And a bit of parsley, as seaweed and the actual kind of foliage at the top of the picture is dill. Let’s go to another one. We have got three or four to look at here. Though you’ve done many more. This is called broccoli forest. And I have to say, every time I look at and uncut piece of broccoli, I think it’s like a tree, it’s a tree, isn’t it? The broccoli works very well because it’s very much, mimics the shape of a tree very well and a lot of people have used it before in that sort of way. Let’s start come at the back to the picture. What are the clouds made of? Ah, cauliflower! And the mountain? The mountain’s bread, the sugar being poured which comes out, we’ve got that ……….it’s a waterfall And obviously the broccoli, I took it from; I did remember the wizard of oz, the bit when Dorothy meets the Tin man and the trees throw the apples at her and a really bit where she gets really frightened , for me as a child it was very scary and I kind of saw that in my head when I made it. You’ve actually sort of got a sort of yellow brick road I was going to say I don’t know if we can see it again. What have you made the yellow brick road out of? if I can remember, it was done a few years ago. It’s cumin and the ladder? Which someone’s obviously climbed the tree, that’s vanilla pods, vanilla pods, yes Let’s go to one last one. This is an interior, by contrast. This is a Tuscan kitchen Yes, we did a series of three, which were for an Italian thing once! No, that’s the wrong one! Sorry, Well let’s get … there we are, yes So we did three, we had a journey from across landscape through a kind of a market town in a village and then we had this kitchen scene so very much the scene outside even the clouds were mozzarella balls and … Cushions are raviolis The bowls is a tomato and the buildings are parmesan cheese Fantastic They are absolutely beautiful and I’ll tell you what, I want to buy one for our kitchen Well they are going on, you’re selling them on the website Yes, yeah, we are selling them, I can’t mention the website, I’m happy for people to have them on their kitchen walls and stuff Smashing! Great idea And I’ll give you a free print. I promise.