The waiter's job

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1. When the service is perfect, waiters can get _____ (extra money for themselves)
3. The waiter removes dishes and glasses from tables or counters, and take them to kitchen for _______________
4. Waiters _________ food and beverages to patrons.
6. It is all you can eat.
7. It's a part of the meal. It is prepared by the cooks.
9. In elegant restaurants, waiters are __________ by a headwaiter.
10. When the food is ready, waiters _________ it from the kitchen to the customers.
11. Waiters give a copy of the menu to the customers, and then they take the __________ (they write what the clients want to have)
14. a woman working as a waiter : a _____________
17. When the glasses are empty, they _________ them with water or wine.
18. It is a whole menu : a starter, a main course, a dessert.
19. The waiter gives the ___________ to the customers when they arrive so that they can choose what they are going to eat and drink.

1. Waiters _________ the orders from the customers. Then they write them and give them to the cooks.
2. It is all you can drink : water, sodas, wines, beers...
3. clients, patrons = ____________ ( "a patron" is not a boss, but a person going to a restaurant to have dinner)
5. The waiters ________a copy of the menu to the customers
8. It is the place where cooks work
12. When the customers have finished their glasses, the waiter must _______ the glasses with water or wine.
13. It is the first course of a meal, then comes the main course, and finally the dessert
15. Waiters ____________ customers to their tables when they arrive
16. Waiters are usually assigned to serve a certain number of tables (called a ____________)
17. When the customer has finished his starter, the waiter has to _________ his plate to take it to the kitchen for cleaning