talking about past events

Conjuguez les verbes au prétérit simple.

You (get) married in 1990.

They all (be) fifteen minutes late for the meeting.

Peter and I (arrive) at the same time.

He (cut) his finger with a knife.

He (be) a fast runner. He (can) run 100 metres in 11 seconds.

I (have) breakfast at seven o'clock.

I (hope) the weather would be nice at the weekend.

I (not/know) what I would do last Monday.

I (learn) to drive in two weeks.

I (spend) my holidays in Spain two years ago.

What (he/cook) last Christmas?

When (you/be) born? I born in October 1991.

I (spend) € 20 this morning.

My daughter (be) ill yesterday. She (not go) to school.

What (you/do) last Sunday?

Where (you/go) ? I (not/see) you.

She (meet) Peter 4 days ago.