Mettre les phrases à la forme négative.

Ajoutez "yet" quand ces phrases sont au present perfect et à la forme négative. Utilisez les formes contractées.
I went to Australia last summer => there last summer.
Are you 15?=> ?
I have already read my contract.=> my contract .
Barbara withdraws money from an ATM every Sunday. Barbara money ....
They can send money => money.
We will get our salaries in a few days. our salaries in a few days.
You must write your pin code=> your pin code.
It would be a good idea => a good idea
You look like your mother => your mother.
He found a good solution => a good solution.
She is waiting for you => for you.
John has a problem with money=> a problem with money.
He signed the check => the check.
She has got a lot of money. a lot of money
I saw him yesterday. yesterday.