Prepping The Bar

David Willner (General Manager, PS 450, Vig 27 & The Volstead, NYC) gives expert video advice on: How should I organize my bar?; How should I stock my bar? and more...

What tools will I need for my bar?

You'll need a wide variety of bar-tools if you're going to set up your own bar. The most important one is your cocktail shaker because almost all cocktails that you're going to make need to be shaken. The best way to do that is to take one large cocktail shaker and one smaller cocktail shaker, using a shaker is crucial in bartending. Another tool that you need for your bar is a bar-spoon, this is used for drinks that require stirring, not shaking. You also want to make sure you have a strainer. A strainer is used to pour shaken drinks that don't have any ice in them, this means that you can retain all the liqueur and juice/soda, but none of the ice. You'll also want to have a "jigger". A "jigger" is important for newcomers to bartending as it allows them to pour out alcohol in the correct quantities. Once people become more comfortable with serving drinks, it is no longer necessary. Another necessity for a home-bar are pourers. Pourers go on the tops of bottles and allow easy access for the bartender. Good pourers have screens inside to stop flies and other insects getting into the alcohol, this is a good idea. You'll also want a cork-screw, for your wine; a blender, if you want to do frozen drinks like Margaritas and a muddler. Muddlers are gaining popularity as drinks like Mojitos and Kipperanias are becoming very mainstream. A muddler is a long, usually wooden or plastic tool that you use to crush all of the fruit in your glass or in your shaker for some of these high-end drinks. Finally, you'll want a knife, for cutting garnishes or fruit.