Make complete questions.

do you like best? The blue one or the red one?

does he visit his parents? Twice a week

was your stay in Jamaica? 2 months.

is it from here? Around 51 km.

did he die? In 1998.

does it weigh? 45 kilos.

inhabitants are there? 4500.

sugar do you need to make this cake? 250 g..

is he? he’s very tall. I think he is 2.05 m.

is it? It’s blue.

was the weather ? It was sunny.

are you laughing? Well ... Look at you!

is the nearest bank? Just opposite the supermarket.

don't you want a cigarette? Because it's much better for my health.

book is this? it’s mine.

taught you how to swim? My parents did when we were on holidays at the seaside.

have you been? At my friend’s .

box of sweets is it? I’m not sure but I think it’s Peter’s.

do you suggest? The sole is fried in butter. it’s excellent.

is the youngest ? My brother is.