Les pronoms personnels

Can you see Peter? Yes, I can see him.
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Do you know John? No, I don't know .

Have you ever met Barbara and Steve? No, I have never met .

John is good friend of mine. He often comes to visit .

Here's Helen. Look at .

That's our stuff. Give it back to .

Do you like Henry? Yes, I like .

This is my bird. Look at .

You are my very dear friend and I really love .

Bob has a new girlfriend.He says he loves .

Have you seen my children? Yes, I've seen in the garden.

I had a lot of biscuits but I've eaten all of .

Poor vase! I've broken !

Speak up! I can't hear .

My son is coming. Can you see from here?

Pass the salt, please.

Look! our dog is running after your cat! Look at !