Adjectifs possessifs

Fill the gaps with : my, your, his......

I don't like Brendon? behaviour is very rude.

John is married. wife's name is Helen

Sue's my friend but I can't stand husband.

Nuray and Tom have 4 childrenn. school is near here.

We live in Ireland and we think that country is very beautiful with all lakes.

I'm going out tonight! boyfriend has invited me!

Are you satisfied with new car?

We live in a very big flat. neighbours are friendly but noisy.

I often walk with hands in pockets.

Phil likes his job very much.

she had a good mark because most of answers were correct.

My sister got married last week. wedding dress was very impressive.

My aunt and my uncle want to leave house in Spain because they don't like the country.

My sister and I are looking for a present for parents.

Peter and Barbara can speak English very well. English is almost perfect.

We play together and the name of band is "Toxic Kiss"