To be or not to be

vous pouvez faire l'exercice plusieurs fois, en utilisant les formes développées puis contractées de "be". Attention, vous n'avez pas toujours le choix!

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Sandra twenty years old. Her friend Peter 21. They from Los Angeles.
it in Florida? No, . It in the West of the United States. They American.

Their dog called Snoop. Sandra's parents (not) from the United States. They from LIverpool. That in England. They English.
I from Gérardmer. It (not) a big town. It quite a small town in the East of France. It pleasant. There a lake, and in summer there many tourists. I (not) English or American. I French. My English (not) very good.

My girlfriend Indian. We getting married next month.
we too young? No, .
Her parents (not) in India, they in France too.

you French? Yes, .
your friend French? No, .
we good at English? Yes,
it difficult? Yes, .
you sure? No, . In fact, it very easy.