the kitchen

Complete the crossword using the picture and your own knowledge.

  1     2    3          
 5      6         7     
          8      9   
  17          18       
19      20             
  21        22     23      
24         25          


2. you need a _______ to eat your soup.
4. you do the wahing-up in the ________
5. They need onions and it's written on a ___________ list.
8. It's used to drink. There's one in Tom's hand.
10. you put plates and dishes in a ________ . It's behind Tom, above the fridge.
11. A good dessert. There's one piece on the table.
13. You do the ___________ after lunch. Tom is doing the __________ at the moment.
15. Used to sit down. RP is sitting on a _________.
17. Used to make tea. There's one on the sink.
18. There are four of them in a room. There's a bike against the ________
21. It's under your feet. You walk on the __________.
23. Very good to go for a ride. It's against the wall.
24. Used to cut meat. There's one on the table.
25. It can be a drawing, a photo. There's one of me behind RP.
26. Used in winter to go on the slopes. There are some between the table and the bike.


1. Used to cook in the oven or to serve.
3. You bake bread in the ________.
5. Used to heat water for example.
6. Usually between the knife and the fork when the table is ready. On the sink near Tom.
7. You sit at a _______ when you have lunch. There's one between the skis and the guitar.
9. How horrible! I hate them! There's one on top of the lamp.
11. you serve coffee in a ________. There are some near the cat.
12. used to put books or else.
14. Part of a cupboard or a table. There may be a _______ above the fridge.
15. Used to cook.
16. It tells you the time. There's one above the bike.
19. Used to eat lunch or dinner. There's one next to the knife on the table.
20. It's used to dry the dishes. There's one under the washing-up liquid.
21. Used to cool things to keep them fresh. There's one behind Tom.
22. They make people cry. The family need some __________.